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Families and children have been our obsession during very last days.        
Everything comes a few weeks ago when Mammadifilippo contacts us to request a guest-post for her blog Maternity Leave. The idea was to identify some “prams friendly” Tables recommended in Rome. Mandatory to be on the list: enjoyable environment for a break together with a little baby plus (for sure!) great food

We accepted the challenge without any hesitations, choosing to include also restaurants can easily cater for 2+ kids.
After many days of researches, we need to admit: first, it was quite difficult to put together the list! Secondly, the final selection does not perfectly stick to first aims. In our view, Rome is still far from comfortably support families, lot should be done to match other European capitals, especially Nordic! We hope that this small post can be a stimulus …

Special thanks and a big “good luck” to MammadiFilippo for her “notes and information for expectant/very new mothers” blog (written in Italian but with translation features) and now…here is our list, in alphabetical order.

Links are mainly to Italian web sites and it’s not easy to find reliable information in English about these places since they are not common for tourists.

1. BioBioBar and Luna e l’altra restaurant, inside the Casa internazione delle Donne (Women international house). The “bar” is open from morning to evening 9:00 to 20:30 (breakfast, lunch, happy hour) with a creative menu based on organic materials, which changes almost daily. The restaurant dinners are for women only while the self-service lunch welcomes men too. Why fit for prams/kid: peaceful place where linger few hours, lovely garden, quite atmosphere. We identify this address thanks to trusted word of mouth, although we have not yet tested (will do soon!).
Address: Via di San Francesco di Sales 1A (Trastevere) – map
Tel. 06.68809989

2. BioRISTORANTE in Città dell’Altraeconomia. Only on Sundays. Set menu at 20€ including dishes made from organic ingredients, mostly sourced from cooperatives in the Roman suburbs. Also ethnic and vegetarian foods. To be noted, in the same location, the BioBAR and the BioBISTROT (open during the week). In March, BioMARKET every Sunday. Why fit for prams/kid: large space suitable to rest and play.
A few steps over, during weekend, you can find one of our favorite Farmer’s Market.
Address: Largo Dino Frisullo snc (Testaccio ex-Mattatoio) – map
Tel. 333.8347870

3. Casetta di Campagna. Homemade pasta and grilled meat in Casetta York Restaurant, pizzas in Casetta Rustica Pizzeria. All in one building. The atmosphere of the pizzeria is informal but little bit noisy, while the restaurant is quite refined and cosy. Why fit for prams/kid: Large room both inside and outside in the garden. Children-party dedicated area in the Casetta delle Feste with custom menu.
Address: via Affogalasino 40 (Monteverde / Casaletto) – map
Tel. 06.65743230 

4. Il Corvo Allegro . Wide range of traditional dishes (meat and fish) and well risen, wood-stove baked pizza. Do not miss the meat, grilled or “al sasso”. Very “green” location inside a campsite. Why fit for prams/kid: large rustic dining room and outdoor terrace with tables well spaced; opportunity to organize bday parties with the use of inflatables.
Address: Via Italo Piccagli 97 (Cassia / Giustiniana) – map
Tel. 06.30310826

5.  Il secchio e l’olivaro . Bruschetta, fried food, soft pizza slowly leavened- only 5 flavors (Margherita, with provolone, Marinara, with mushroom and Napoletana) – served already portioned to be eaten with hands. Casual atmosphere. Why fit for prams/kid: in summer wide open space with playground, parties for children from Monday to Friday from 16.30 to 18.30.
Address: Via Portuense 962 (Portuense near to GRA) – map
Tel. 06.6552192

6. La Limonaia. Included in the list for the unique location: old house in Villa Torlonia with superb gardens. Still, food and service are less remarkable. Creative dishes, meat and wood-stove baked pizza. Why fit for prams/kid: large indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable to accommodate prams, playground.
Address: Via Spallanzani 1 / a (Nomentana / Trieste) – map
Tel. 06.4404021

7. Pagus Promising young chef who offers refined cuisine. Specialities include fresh pastas, seafood dishes and homemade desserts – worth a note the tiramisù. Why fit for prams/kid: every Sunday from about 13 to 16 animation team dedicated to children, so adults can relax (kid animation depending on the weather condition).
Address: Via Carlo Emery (Flaminio / Saxa Rubra) – map 
Tel. 06.33688724

8. Paneolio. Wood-stove baked pizza and fried specialities (including pane&olio fresh fried chips), the early Romans and creative combinations, grilled meat. Why fit for prams/kid: large rooms (often crowded especially on Saturdays!); first room, is large so prams can be easily settle, Ikea high-chairs available to accommodate younger guests at the table.
Address: via del casale della crescenza, 25 (Flaminia/Due Ponti) – map
Tel. 06.3332961

9. Re Grano (website only reports address).  Soft and fragrant pizza. Service and other dishes to be improved from our perspective. Why fit for prams/kid: large play area with inflatables and baby sitting staff dedicated to +3 years kids.
Address: via lago santo, 23 (Eur/Mezzocamino) – map
Tel. 06.52372983

10.  ViViBistrot inside Villa Pamphili. Dishes made from organic ingredients, creative lunch and dinner, special children’s menu. Open every day. Buffet from Monday to Friday for lunch and tea time at 17:00. Why fit for prams/kid: outdoor area adjacent to a public playground, relaxed atmosphere that fit for a break with pram, availability of pic-nic baskets for a déjeuner sur l’herbe, opportunity to organize private parties in the park with a snack buffet and entertainment.
Address: via Vitellia 102 (Monteverde) – map 
Tel. 06.5827540

* Immage taken from the Guardian ”Bringing up baby” (Jamie Grill/Getty)