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If you stay in Rome you can’t miss at least one of the restaurants included in this list. A way to live great food experiences according to our opinion. It should not be intended as a “top 10” (we don’t like to write charts!) but it is a selected list of places we love and not yet reviewed in this blog. We haven’t written about them mainly because many information are already available around the web and in traditional guides. But now is time at least to mention these restaurants!

The list includes medium/high cost restaurants (always below 100€ per person) splitted in two price ranges. If you are interested in “cheap eats” you can have a look also to our post about best Roman Trattorie (in English).
Links are to restaurants web sites (when available) and to some of our favorite blogs and web pages where you can find useful reviews in English. Comments are welcome if you know other trusted references!
For higher priced restaurants you can find also ratings from some Italian gastronomic guides: Michelin 2011 between 1 and 3 *, Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: X/100, L’Espresso 2011: X/20, Roma nel Piatto 2011: X/10.

Follow our customized Google map to find restaurants addresses and directions to get there.

from 50€ to 100€

1) All’Oro – Parioli, creative food, chef Riccardo Di Giacinto
Katie Parla (not a review but a great list of Katie’s favorite places to eat and drink in Rome), TopTable
Michelin: 1*, Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: 80, L’Espresso 2011: 15, Roma nel Piatto 2011: 7+

2) L’Arcangelo (web site not available) – Prati, Roman revised food, chef Arcangelo Dandini
Parla Food
Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: 80, L’Espresso 2011: 15, Roma nel Piatto 2011: 8-


3) Glass Hostaria – Trastevere, creative food, chef Cristina Bowerman
TripAdvisor, TopTable
Michelin: 1*, Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: 81, L’Espresso 2011: 15, Roma nel Piatto 2011: 8


4) Roscioli – Historical Center, traditional and creative food
FoodNouveau (interesting post about Rome and Italy food culture), TripAdvisor
Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: 3 “bottles” (maximum for wine bars), Roma nel Piatto 2011: 7+


5) Settembrini – Prati/Mazzini, creative food, chef Luigi Nastri
The New York Times, Elizabeth Minchilli (Elizabeth’s top 10 including also other restaurants mentioned in this post)
Gambero Rosso Roma 2010/2011: 81, Roma nel Piatto 2011: 8-

from 35€ to 50€

6) Antica Osteria L’Incannucciata – Cassia/Giustiniana (north Rome), Roman revised food, chef Dino de Bellis
[2012 UPDATE: Chef De Bellis has moved and he is currently at Salotto Culinario in east Rome suburbs]

7) Armando al Pantheon – Historical Center, traditional Roman food, chef Claudio Gargioli
TheWorlds50Best, Former Chef


8 ) Felice a Testaccio – Testaccio, traditional Roman food
New York Times, Condè Nast TravellerFood Lover’s Odysseyappapp


9) La Gensola – Trastevere, Sicilian food (mainly fish)
Flavors of Rome


10) Trattoria Monti (web site not available) – Monti, food mainly from Marche area (central Italy)
Luciano Pignataro, Parla Food, Condé Nast Traveller



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