Other English contents by “Tavole Romane”

This post is a summarized English translation of the article we have written for the popular Italian web magazine Dissapore “Le migliori trattorie di Roma? La discussione è ufficialmente aperta” (in Italian).  We have also added some suggestions coming from the many comments posted there. Links are to restaurants web sites in the few cases they have also English information otherwise to our Google map in order to lacate the place.

Italian Trattorie typically combine abundant portions, food quality, local cuisine, simple environment and low costs. In Rome they seem to be “white flies”. The ancient and traditional addresses open from decades in many cases have begun an inexorable path of rising prices, shrinking portions or even excessive modernization of the premises. The new openings inspired to the concept of Trattoria (at least in the intentions) increasingly fall in pursuit reinterpretations of food and environment, becoming more oriented to stop-and-go tourists.

What’s going on? Is it really so difficult to manage a Trattoria? It is a matter of passion or income? We still haven’t understood it…

In the meantime we use as a compass our list of “survivors” in which also runs some really low cost place (20-25€ per person). All however within 40€ for an average meal* and price is indicated for each place.

We have decided not to include the probably most famous Trattoria in Rome: Felice a Testaccio (35€). It is always a suggested address and it should deserve a dedicated post!

HISTORICAL TRATTORIA – neighborhood places open since many years bringing to the table every day simple and authentic Roman food, as week calendar teaches (Thursday gnocchi, Friday fish and so on).
1) Zampagna (20 €) – Ostiense area
2) Osteria con Cucina Francesco Angelini (20€) – Tor Pignattara suburb
3) Sora Margherita (35 €) in downtown just in the middle of Jewish Ghetto (open in the evenings only at weekends)
4) Tanto pe’ Magna’ (25 €) in Garbatella area.

WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE A TRATTORIA – youngest openings trying to perpetuate the true Roman tradition in the kitchen.
5) Flavio al Velavevodetto (35€) in Testaccio
6) Il Gentiluovo (30€) in Fleming district (north Rome)
7) Osteria di Monteverde (25€) in Monteverde area.

CREATIVE TRATTORIA – Roman traditions mix innovation giving life to interesting food creations.
8 ) Il Quinto Quarto (35€) in Ponte Milvio area
9) Osteria del Giuda Ballerino (40€) in Tuscolano suburb
10) L’Oste della Bon’ora (35€) in Grottaferrata, few kilometers (about 20) south from Rome.

Finally we add a list of other Trattorie (name and address/area) that have been positively mentioned in the comments of the post published by Dissapore. We haven’t been in all these places but it can be a useful list for tourists and people living in Rome looking for cheap and good Roman food.

– Armando al Pantheon – Historical Center
– Cantina Cantarini – piazza Sallustio
– Da Marcello – piazza dei campani (S. Lorenzo)
– Dal Ragioniere – acqua bullicante
– Li Scalini de Marisa – Garbatella
– Priscilla – Appia Antica
– Qui se magna – Pigneto
– Roma Sparita – Trastevere
– Settimio – via del Pellegrino
– Taverna Romana – Madonna dei Monti

* prices are rounded at the nearest 5€ and include an average full meal (bread, pasta, main course, dessert, water and coffee), without wine.

Pictures from New York Times (through Dissapore)