Of course you can organize similar tours on your own, but planning takes time and you could fall into traps for tourists or end up in standard restaurant chains and thus not enjoy a genuine experience as the local people do. You should consider that over time Rome has become an important food and wine attraction centre in Italy, where offers change fast following trends that only those knowledgeable about its soul and essence can let you know very well. Do not hesitate then! We will unveil an unknown and genuine aspect of "eating in Rome". Also, do not forget that during our tours you will discover hidden spots and districts, far from the usual tourist routes.

NO, it isn’t. Our services include:
- walking tours in the case of district food tours;
- stops at restaurants in the case of sit-down meal tours.
No transfer by any means of transport is provided. For each tour a meeting point is specified which you will need to reach on your own by the set event starting time – or, better, ten minutes earlier – as well as the place where the tour ends. A good Rome and public transport map will then be your best ally!

Purchasing a tour is easy. Paying for it even more so.

Choose a tour on our website (directly on the Home page or on the Services page), check the selected calendar dates and the available places.
Then follow the instructions: just like in any other online order you will be asked to agree on the Purchase Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and settle payment in order for the purchase to be effective.
You may pay using your PayPal account or the main credit cards (PostePay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) again through PayPal. Upon purchase please fill in the Comments field with the name(s), surname(s) and date(s) of birth of the person(s) taking part in the tour.
The cost of the purchased services will be debited on the chosen means of payment in a few days’ time. No cash payment is accepted.
After being charged for the appropriate amount you will receive a follow-up email. Few days before the Tour (if confirmed) we’ll send you an email from including a purchasing receipt (Voucher). It will contain the main available data (name(s) and surname(s) of participant(s), service name and code, tour date, agreed purchase terms and any other comments mentioned). Besides your ID please bring a (paper or electronic) copy of this email to show to our tour leader at the set meeting point. Please remember to inform the other participants for whom you bought the tickets, if any, about the Purchase terms.
Please note down the service code specified in the “Item number” field during purchase: you will need it in case you wish to cancel your order by the set deadline and, more generally, for any subsequent communications.

If you have to cancel a purchased Tour please read the FAQ #5, while for information about other cancellation conditions see FAQ #8.

Payment is settled via PayPal, a global leader in online purchases thanks to its transaction security policy. We will not receive your credit or prepaid card details nor your PayPal account confidential data. For further information please check PayPal Terms and Conditions

To cancel your tour request please send an email to and specify:
- the number and names of registered participants for whom you want to request cancellation;
- name of the tour purchased, date of purchase and planned event date;
- service code;
- amount paid.
We will process your request within two working days. You can consider the tour cancelled only if you receive a confirmation email from us. Should you not receive such email please contact us again at the same email address.

Please be informed that if you send a cancellation request:
a) within 10 days before the planned tour date or earlier we will refund the whole amount paid;
b) after 10 days and in any case 2 days before the planned tour date, we will refund 50% of the amount paid;
c) within 48 hours before the planned tour date no refund will be provided.

The lead refund times for a) and b) will be those provided for by PayPal at the latest.

In any case please inform us as soon as possible about any problem you might have in taking part in a tour.
We will do our utmost to grant refunds exceeding the abovementioned ones, but we cannot guarantee this since organizing a tour implies financial investments and planning. Thanks for your understanding.

Cancellations – and relevant refunds – are processed based on the terms mentioned in point 5. No shows or delays making it impossible for you to join the tour when it starts are events regarded as c), i.e. as a cancellation within 48 hours before the event and therefore no refund is provided.
Should you be late you may try and contact the tour leader phone number specified in the purchase confirmation email in order to check if it is still possible to join the group. However, depending on the tour organization, this might not be possible. We do recommend being on time as the tours will start at the scheduled time.

Our tours are organized for a limited number of participants and no participants exceeding that number are accepted. We suggest checking whether any other places have become available due to somebody else’s cancellation on the days immediately preceding or following the desired tour date.
Right now we do not manage any waiting lists. However, if you email us (see Contacts page) and specify the tour you would have liked to join we will take your request into account – on a voluntary, not-binding basis – in case other participants cancel or for other tours we might organize.

We may cancel a tour within 7  days before its planned date if the minimum number of participants specified in the service description is not reached.
Tours may also be cancelled after 7 days before the planned date due to the unexpected unavailability of our guides/foodies (team members) or circumstances beyond our control.
In both cases you will be informed as soon as possible via email and we will refund you the amount paid in full on your PayPal account or card used to buy the tour.
Please consider we will do our best in order not to cancel tours even in case of force majeure events.

For each tour we specify whether it is recommended for children in the website description (Service page).
Usually they are more than welcome in district tours: their gaiety cheers our tours up even more! Just a general remark: please consider that long walks are planned (a few-kilometre ones in some cases) and they could easily get tired.
Differently, sit-down meal tours are only organized for adults (above 16) right now.

Please remember that children under 3 are not charged for tours recommended for them. However, you should specify their name(s), surname(s) and date(s) of birth in the Comments field upon purchase. Children older than 3 years old are charged the full ticket price.

Unfortunately animals are not accepted in our tours as we will be stopping in restaurants that might not let them in.

Please inform us in advance (even before buying a tour) about your needs via our email address (see Contacts page). We cannot guarantee it, but we will do everything possible to plan the tour so that you can join it too. Usually coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans do not have major problems in taking part in our tours, as long as their specific needs are mentioned before purchase. In any case we will email you and tell you whether you can join us.

No specific dress code is required. However, for our district tours we suggest wearing comfortable shoes, having a headdress and sun block handy in summertime and bringing a wind jacket/umbrella in wintertime. Excessively casual attire (e. g. shorts, flip-flops) should be avoided for our sit-down meal tours, specially at dinner.
We will take care of food, drinks and tickets. You only need to bring your interest in exploring Rome and your passion for good food and drink

Walking tours include beverages listed in the related Service description page.
Sit-down meal tours include water and wine/beer to complement the food tasting.
Please feel free to buy or order any other drink not included in the price but note you will have to pay for these separately to the restaurant itself.

Presently tours are only organized in English and Italian. You can check the languages on the website information. In time we would like to also include services in French, German and Spanish in our catalogue. In any case please contact us if you have any specific needs in this connection and we will organize a tour in the requested language, especially if you are with a group of several people.

Rather than saying that you "may" we should reply that you "must". Joking apart, please take/shoot any picture/video you wish to! We hope they will immortalize moments of real pleasure and fun.
And if you want you can share them in our Gallery.

Of course! Tavole Romane Food Tours enables you to buy one or more of our tours as a present for your loved ones. Please select a tour from our calendar and mention that it is a present in the Comments field upon purchase. We will send you a customized Gift Certificate to use as a voucher.
And what if the date is the wrong one? No worries, the person receiving the gift can email (see Contacts page) us up to 10 days before the planned tour to change the date/tour with other ones available on our calendar.


Tours will take place even if the weather is not very good. Rome features a mild climate for most of year, warmer in July and August and harsher in December and January. Please check the weather forecasts to choose the appropriate wear and bring an umbrella or a hat depending on the season. Please be informed that we do care about your satisfaction and therefore we will try and adapt the tour to slashing rain or very hot weather so that it can still be pleasant.

It is not mandatory but if you are really satisfied and wish to give a tip to those who accompanied you we can only be happy about it. And of course our guides and foodies experts will be even happier since they will keep any tips for themselves!

Our tours usually include stops in shops selling food and wine products. So you are free – during the planned stops – to buy whatever you want or like. However, no stops in other kinds of shops are planned (i.e. clothing, shoes, etc.) although our guide will be pleased to provide you with useful specific and practical information (for ex. opening hours) should you wish to return to some places on another occasion.


You can leave comments and reviews on our social networks (see Footer) and/or other means you usually use (TripAdvisor is our preferred one!). We think that reports (whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter) on your experiences are valuable contributions for us, who constantly strive to make our tours increasingly pleasant, as well as for those who would like to join us in future.

At the end of tour we will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to let us know if everything was OK with the tour. You can seize this opportunity to give us your feedback but you can also contact us via email (see Contacts page) or our social networks (see Footer). We hope nothing will go wrong but, if there is any problem in any service stage, we are particularly interested in knowing it. We will “be all ears" to understand what happened and act accordingly both for you and to avoid similar incidents with other participants in future. For us your opinion is a precious input in order to constantly improve our services.


Is there anything else you would like to ask or know? Email us to the address specified in our Contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.

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