Take note…. The matter is intriguing…or at least we (the site authors) think it is.
Tavole Romane Food Tours was born on paper in the summer of 2011.
To be honest the project had already been conceived several months before, but its implementation did take some time. Fortunately, however, tenaciousness and enthusiasm can overcome any obstacle and lack of time!

Let’s start from scratch then. Everything began in May 2010. Well, no, actually it all began a few months earlier, when, sitting in front of a cup of tea we, the project developers wondered “Why shouldn’t we really listen to our friends and find a way to cultivate and share our passion for Rome and its cuisine?”. We had been thinking about it for a while and maybe the time was ripe.

This is how the completely amateur-style Tavole Romane blog was born in the spring of 2010. In this blog we recommend – as usual restaurant-goers – places in Rome where you can eat at any time of the day. But that’s not all! We decided not to disclose our identity and test these places like anybody else, because we wanted to enjoy real-life experiences without benefiting from any special treatment. We are deeply convinced that this can help us give a genuine image – although subjective of course – of the premises we know and at the same time provide a useful service to those who want to approach Rome’s “innermost foodie side”.

Let’s go back to our story, though. Day after day our enthusiasm and energy grew and every new stimulus contributed to increasing them: sharing opinions with our readers and other bloggers, the satisfaction due to the numerous positive reviews we received, interactions on social networks, unexpected new forms of cooperation with distinguished people and, above all, the idea of providing a useful service in order to get people to know a more authentic Rome and make contact with the city easier.
We became increasingly involved in this project and suddenly a question popped up: “What about accompanying anybody wishing to join us in the discovery of Rome’s genuine tastes and culture?”
Actually the enogastronomic soul of Rome does not lie in the tourist traps…
In fact Rome is not just about cultural circles and historic centre itineraries…

No sooner said than done. Tavole Romane Food Tours are ready to “infect” anybody looking for novelty, freedom and the genuine exploration of Rome…with their dedication and enthusiasm.

“This is our journey. Now we are pleased to accompany you on your own journey…”

We offer a very simple solution.
Tavole Romane Food Tours has planned a series of tours guiding you in the discovery of  Rome’s genuine tastes. You will eat exactly what the local people eat and you will visit the places they go to.

Choose your preferred tour!

You may take part in a district tour and spend a few hours walking with an authorized guide, sommelier or a food and wine enthusiast who will assist you in tasting streetfood and in discovering monuments and local artistic attractions.
Alternatively – or on top of this if you want to (we would be very pleased about it) – you may choose a sit-down meal tour with a customized dinner menu that will be especially prepared for Tavole Romane. One of our Foodie experts from Rome will explain how the different dishes that you will taste are prepared and what seasonal products are used.

At the end of the tour we will be more than happy to offer you a Tavole Romane gadget, plus some advice on where to eat in the following days.
In other words we plan and hope to help you enjoy a genuine and pleasant experience by “mixing” two prominent features of our city, food and wine and our artistic and cultural heritage, with dedication and professionalism.

During our tours we will take care of you for a few hours and introduce you to an unusual and authentic aspect of our city.

  1. To eat “where and how” the Romans do and better understand their habits. You cannot say you really know a country unless you also know its culinary tradition very well.
  2. To avoid falling into traps for tourists and hence not having a very realistic idea of how food is enjoyed in Rome.
  3. To be guided by real and independent food lovers with no business ties with or obligations vis-à-vis the restaurants visited.
  4. To season food with cultural ingredients (in some district tours) and explore charming spots of Rome outside the usual tourist circuits with a professional guide licensed by the Province of Rome.
  5. To know the very latest food and wine trends in Rome and receive some advice on where to go next time.
  6. To reconcile the spirit of “do-it-yourself” visits with the advantages of guided ones and the comfort and agility that only small groups (maximum 10 or 12 people depending on the chosen tour) can guarantee.
  7. To spend some pleasant and carefree hours in a good mood, enjoying good food and culture and getting to know other food lovers as well.

What are you waiting for? Join us! Choose the tour that best suits you, we cannot wait to meet you!

Tavole Italiane s.r.l. is a company set up by two Roman managers working in industrial sectors that have nothing to do with food but who love food, wine and Rome. Recently they came to love them even more while working out the blog Tavole Romane with their usual enthusiasm and dedication. The blog is a diary of first-hand food adventures resulting from ongoing research conducted anonymously in order to guarantee genuineness.

Are you curious to know the people who will guide you during our tours? Let’s introduce you to some of them!

Giovanna Cozzi
A force of nature, discerning eater, Giovanna enchants everyone with her enthusiasm, especially in the kitchen.
Behind the scenes she is an educational teacher at MAXXI, president of the WorkInProject Cultural Association, author of art books for children and of a delightful Burro e Alici blog where she shares her recipes.


Joni Morgante
Joni Morgante, a native New Yorker and bi-continental foodie, is passionate about great food and wine. She is a member of the Italian Association of Sommelier, and a frequent student of  “A Tavola con lo Chef” and Tricolore Monti. When not at work as creative director/owner of her design studio (http://www.maxtudio23.com/), she is immersed in the kitchen, wooden spoons and knives in hand: creating sumptuous meals, turning out homemade pasta, baking loaves of artisanal bread. Joni is continually in search of authentic Mediterranean flavors, and upon return from her frequent exploratory trips, her suitcases are packed full to capacity with an abundance of local delicacies.


Silvia Pistolesi
Silvia is an authorized Tour Guide for Rome, Frosinone, Latina and provinces since 2000 and an expert local Foodie too. She is Italian mother-tongue speaking fluently German, English and Spanish. It’s enough to listen her talking few minutes to easily get her experience and passion for history, art, wine & food. She is currently completing AIS courses in order to become a certified Sommelier. Just the icing on the cake!


 Simona Fanini
Simona has been an authorized tourist guide in Rome and the Province of Rome since 2010. She loves art, psychology and history of religions, she speaks and leads tours in four languages. But that’s not all: she is of course a good food and drinks enthusiast and became a AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers) sommelier in 2000, an experience she makes use of when organizing themed events.  She is also taster  of oil (AIS) and cheese (ONAV). Recently she has embarked on a new adventure sneaking in the preparation of future tourist guides with the Mirabilia Urbis Association. As soon as you shake hands with her you realize how much energy and enthusiasm she has. First try and then trust!

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