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True, we have already said that, so we will somehow repeat ourselves: Rome is really seething with food-related new openings and initiatives! Over the last few months we have witnessed a number of new interesting openings. And we want to provide you with a quick anticipation of four new “sweet” spots which stood out right away from their start. Write it down…we are looking forward to receiving your comments if you go visit them!

1) I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza. The Sicilian tradition from Catania (north east Sicily) directly to Rome in a brand new finely dark brown furnished sale point, packed with delicacies from “Trinacria” (so ancient Greeks referred to Sicily, hinting at the three tips). You can find fresh cannoli, cassata, pistachio sweets, buccellati and almond paste cookies as well as rosolio liquors and takeaways. Curious to learn more? Just take a look at Katie Parla’s post (she is also the author of the picture reproduced here). Address:  Via Arco del Monte (Campo de’ Fiori) 98/a 98/b Roma, phone 06.92594322. Open mon-sun 07:30-21:00.

2) Bakery House. Here we go with a perfect “Made in USA” style dictating the design of the interiors as well as reception formulas and menu. So, breakfast menu featuring pancakes, plumcake, granola yogurt,…. For brunch you can choose among the classical-style scrambled eggs with bacon, French toast, ham and cheese omelet, bagels and sandwiches, sweets form the breakfast menu along with orange juice and American coffee; Lunch and Dinner (a sort of savory brunch) and Tea. They also accommodate takeaway requests and home-deliver (neighboring areas). And may the brunch be finally the answer to those who claim that Rome lacks a real American-style one? Here Gillian @gmcguireinrome point of view! Address:  Corso Trieste 157 b/c Roma, phone  06.94377841. Open tue-fri 8:00 -23:00,  sat-sun 9:00-19:30 (closed on mondays). Twitter @BakeryHouseRoma

3) Wonka Chocolate. A pastry-chocolate shop originated from an idea of three young people. Using Collefiorito ingredients, the shop offers (of course) chocolate blocks in different size, pralines, ice-cream, confetti, candies and so on. You can find also specific chocolate products for people affected by celiac disease or who cannot tolerate peanuts, hazelnuts and milk. Address:  via Tuscolana 1388/B Roma, phone 06.71543000. Open mon-sun 10:00-14:00 and 15:00-20:00.

4) Biscotteria Suljma. Really worth mentioning is the project of Alessandra Ripanti, a “lab” of “natural patisserie” minding eco-sustainability. You can find large selection of “black and white” cookies and sweets prepared only through biological and fair trade ingredients. Our special thanks to our reader Ada B. for pointing this out! Address:  C. Maciocco 10, Cava dei Selci – Marino (RM), phone 06.31050117 – 333.7743237. Open tue- fri 16:30-19:30 (morning upon request), sat 10:00-13:00 and 16.30- 19.30.


Link to the post in Italian

Front image by Biscotteria Suljima – All Rights Reserved  - English translation by “pugetto”

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  1. 3-19-2012

    Napa Jim Here…..
    Going to Roma for Easter and will have to check these four places out for myself …sound like my cup of tea. Will post when I return in May……

  2. 3-19-2012

    Revise….Just the ones in Roma……

  3. 3-20-2012

    Thank you for your comment Jim!
    If you have a sweet tooth you can find additional places we like in a guest post we wrote about Christmas sweets. Nice addresses also for Easter period ;-)

    If you have specific questions we’ll be happy to provide more information…

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