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We are happy to start the new year sharing with our readers TR 2011 highlights. They are referred to both Italian and English blogs and to our food tour offer launched few weeks ago.

A beautiful year for us, ended up with the participation to Best Bites in Rome, 2011 by Katie Parla (many thanks for asking to contribute!) and the huge surprise in seeing our post about Roman Trattorie among the 2011 five most viewed on the popular Italian web magazine Dissapore. You can read the English version “Cheap Roman Eats or find here the Italian one in Dissapore. 


Restaurants, pizzerie, ice creams, brunch and happy hour place, café, bakeries…what have been the 2011 favorites for our Italian blog readers? In 2011 we published 64 new posts, growing the total archive of our Italian blog to more than 200 posts. There were 265 pictures uploaded, that’s about 5 pictures per week.

The 5 Italian Blog posts that got the most views:

1)  Pizzarium - pizza by the slice
2)  Sweety Rome – cupcakes & brunch
3)  Top Ice Creams in Rome
4)  Post about Trattorie (above mentioned)
5)  What is your Brunch in Rome? (English version)

Note: posts number 1-2-3 are in Italian but you can find an automatic translate button below each post.

The 5 most liked places reported by blog readers in our “wall:

1) DAAD Restaurant Carpacceria by Manuela
2) Sisini (la casa del Supplì) by Elio
3a) Caffè Universale by Mario
3b) I Caruso gelateria  by Anto&Vale
5a) Mamma Angelina by Giovanna “Burro e Alici“ 
5b) SAID by Elena


What about our new English blog and food tours we organize around Rome districts? We launched them the 10th of November so it is early for a review. But we are already impressed by the received welcome and we are curious to see 2012 evolutions.

Food Tours highlights:

- Most searched tour: Monti-Esquilino Walking Food Tour
- Most viewed picture in our Gallery: view from Gianicolo hill
- Most commented on TripAdvisor (we are currently ranked number 76): Testaccio Walking Food Tour

But we don’t offer only walking food tours: we have designed also some special food tastings named “seat-down-meals” (Traditional with a Twist and Roman Cuisine are available) to experience a personalized menu in a renowned restaurant together with one of the great foodies collaborating with us. 

The 5 English Blog posts that got the most views:

1) Christmas & New Year’s Eve Restaurants in Rome
2) 10 Restaurants not to be missed in Rome
3) What is your Brunch in Rome?
4) Blå Kongo reviewed by a Swedish Chef
5) 10 places to eat “prams & kids friendly”

An anticipation concerning number 3: an update about brunching in Rome will be our next post! According to us Brunch (often “Italianized”) is becoming one of the preferred Sunday meals by Romans and offer is growing up.  

Finally we want to send special thanks for their great guest posts contributions to John “caputmundicibus” (above mentioned Blå Kongo review) and to Steve from The Behive hotel, author of the recent My favorite pizza in Rome post.
We were also honored to have a guest post hosted by Food Lover’s Odissey in the Christmas around Italy series: “10 Addresses for Christmas Sweets in Rome“.

But now stop with 2011 memories: our senses (and stomachs) already got back in the Rome food scene for a tasty 2012. Subscribe to our blog in the box available at the right-top if you want to receive emails when we publish new posts.
And may the pomegranate in the initial picture convey to our readers and food tour participants all our best wishes for the new year!

Credits image: navi e zafferano

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