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Our 2011 last post is a “calendar” from our current year food memories and pictures. It aims also at providing a quick set of recommendations to be experienced in the course of 2012. In each month a culinary speciality is highlighted, including some of the best places where you can taste it, in our opinion of course. It represents our emotional journey since most of the mentioned food can be eaten during the whole year, or at least for the entire season.
Currently Rome culinary scene is changing rapidly so keep reading our posts and our tweets (@tavoleromane) for updates during the next year! 
Note: links are mainly to our Italian blog posts, feel free to ask with a comment any additional information you may need.

Best wishes for a Happy and Delicious 2012!


 JANUARY – The pork butchering period: Amatriciana and Carbonara pasta with crispy and tasty guanciale

Where: L’Arcangelo, Armando al Pantheon, Da Cesare al Casaletto, Flavio al velavevodettoOste della Bon’Ora (Grottaferrata, a town few miles from Rome) 

FEBRUARY – Frappe and castagnole to celebrate Carnival time

Where: Andreotti, Dolci Desideri, Pasticceria Paolocci, Pasticceria Regoli

MARCH – In the middle of local artichokes season

 Where: Barrili 66, Nonna Betta, Paris a Trastevere 

APRIL – Easter chocolate eggs and chocolate & ricotta cheese cakes

 Where: Pasticceria Valzani, Pasticceria di Zio, Boccione

MAY – Zucchini flowers and Roman deep-fried food

Where: Franchi, Osteria del Giuda Ballerino, Volpetti Più

JUNE – Pizza to enjoy early summer al fresco evenings

Where: “Naples” style pizza at La FucinaLa Gatta Mangiona, Sforno / Tonda and Roman at Remo and San Marino

JULY – Ice cream desire!

Where: Fatamorgana, Fior di Luna, Gori Gelato, Neve di latte, Vice (here a “pocket” to be downloaded including a list of our favorite Ice Cream Parlour addresses)

AUGUST – Fresh fish dish in Rome or at the nearby seaside

Where: Acquolina, Il SanLorenzo, La Baia (Fregene), Jefe Restaurant (Fiumicino/Isola Sacra), Pascucci al Porticciolo (Fiumicino)

SEPTEMBER – Supplì (Roman rice croquette) to warm up the Autumn

Where: 00100, Pizzarium, Caffè Propaganda, Settembrini Caffè

OCTOBER – We can’t miss to include a tiramisù

Where: L’Asino d’Oro (bread tiramisù), Le Tre Zucche (express in small or large coffee cup), Flavio al Velavevodetto (in a glass)

NOVEMBER – Marron glacé, castagnaccio, mont blanc…chestnuts time!

Where: Cristalli di Zucchero, Pasticceria Marcucci, Panella

DECEMBER – Back to New Year’s Eve!

Where: in our list of restaurants recommended for this year New Year’s Eve. And if you are looking to Christmas pastries and sweets don’t miss our recent guest post published in Food Lover’s Odissey blog!

Images: ziofrankie, Tavole Romane – All Rights Reserved

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