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It is well known: when talking about cakes and pastries, the Roman tradition generally does not stand out for fame in Italy. Indeed there is a widespread belief that levels of questionable quality go hand in hand with high prices.
Difficult not to believe it when you consider the “sugar personality” that animate Italy from north to south: some illustrative “couples” are panettone/Milan, pandoro/Verona, gianduiotto/Turin, babà/Naples, cannoli/Palermo. In the common way of thinking all outclass Rome.

Yet to clear this theory just indulge in a walking around Roman districts (no matter if in downtown or suburbs) and here it is easy to see an unmistakable windows of pastry shops that occupy the space and even invade the air with explosive aromas that leap out on the sidewalks. So to which of the more than 600 addresses that can be counted in the city lies the “Sweet Identity” in Rome? …because Rome has a “Sweet Identity” of course and it should be met if you stay just few days or you live here.

“Challenged” by a famous Italian web magazine (Dissapore, where this article in Italian has been posted) we have written our 20 favorite addresses corresponding to “15 best sweets”! Together with comments and suggestions this can become a real list of Roman “Gourmet Round”.

Here there are the names – organized into categories – of Roman pastries and some of their specialties. In this post no pastry shops entirely dedicated to desserts from other Italian regions or international: maybe a Part 2 will come in the next future…

via UrbanaGood morning Rome. Let’s start by yeasts fragrant and aromatic, straight or stuffed, more or less buttery, which help to engage the gear that keep awake in the morning or late evening (unfortunately no more after 2:00 am as the City Hall ordinance requires.) What directions to take? Monti district by the newcomer Tricolore for 1) “only butter” French-style croissants, Monteverde in via Jenner by Ghimenti for 2) the classic empty croissant reminding the old breakfast taste and the famous pastry store Cristalli di Zucchero for 3)pain au chocolat” or 4) croissant filled with cream, apples and pistachios; viale Libia by Romoli for 5)fagottini“, especially with chocolate and coconut cream (when available). We can’t miss a reference throughout the Rome tradition: 6)maritozzo” filled with cream at Panificio Mosca in Prati area.

GhettoThe Roman memory. This is about old ways and Jewish memories. Undisputed roots of many sweet creations – made with ricotta cheese, dried fruits, spices, honey and jam – becoming with time the Roman tradition. The best? Boccione in downtown at Portico d’Ottavia (known between Romans simply as “the Ghetto bakery”) 7) ricotta cheese and chocolate or sour cherry that we believe are insurmountable. And still around kosher 8 ) the cookies at Il Mondo di Laura in Porta Portese market area, now also available in the new store in via Tiburtina close to Piazza delle Province in the University area.

pasticceria via dello StatutoTradition in “Black & White”. Desserts for all time, for Holidays and Sunday lunch: chocolate (black) and cream (white) based. Not to be missed? Cavalletti in Montesacro district for his patented 9)millefoglie” (small layered cake made of puff pastry filled with cream); Sottocasa Sfizi Golosi near Piazza Barberini for a niche high quality 10)tiramisu” or Pompi close to piazza Re di Roma for 11) the most “popular” tiramisu with imaginative flavor variations (strawberries, pistachio, …); Andreotti in via Ostiense and Dolci Desideri in Monteverde Vecchio especially for 12) cream and fruit creations; Regoli a few steps from Piazza Vittorio for the incomparable 13) profiterole.

Sweet “View”. Here the tradition fell into oblivion, now in the preparations now in the fitting shop. And here is a revolution in shapes, flavors, textures and combinations, but also of the exhibition spaces and furnishings. The mandatory stops? Settembrini Caffè near Piazza Mazzini, Dacrì in Mostacciano area and the aforementioned Cristalli di Zucchero to remain amazed in front of the windows; Bocca di Dama in San Lorenzo and Dolce in via Savoia to see how cleverly the old sheds and workshops have been transformed into seductive pastries that enchants not only for their sweet creations.

Christmas Special. We’re almost there and we could not miss the addresses to purchase Christmas traditional cakes. The top? In Esquilino area the already mentioned Regoli (we like it!), the kingdom of bread (and not only) Panella and – in Trastevere - Valzani for the Romans evergreen 14)Pangiallo” and “Mostaccioli“. We close with the address of Forno Farinando in the heart of Testaccio for 15)Panettone” with chocolate chips, a must since some years for us and our friends Christmas.


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Images by Tavole Romane, published under a Creative Commons License

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