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First two letters from Breakfast and last letters from Lunchet voila “Brunch”! Now let’s try to pronounce this word, once … and then another. Don’t you also find that it indicates a full sound, smooth, round at the same time fills the mouth, sharpen a “wake-up taste” and tempt the spirit to slow down? We think “Brunch” is exactly all this together: a short sequence of hours between breakfast and lunch, to enjoy time alone or with friends, indulging in favorite flavors and in the environment that best fits each own awakening “room”.

Brunch is a tradition that – quite slowly – from the United States has crossed the ocean and came down to Italy passing through other European countries, gaining with time its own personality. It has acquired Latin time habits – from the American 10:00-12:00 to the Italian 12:00-15:30 – and it is “coloured” in the typical Mediterranean buffet, so that if sometimes it is mixed with the American style, other times it is devoted to local traditions.

In recent years, Rome has learned to wake up – always more often – with a desire for Brunch especially on Saturday and Sunday morning when relax and lazy desires are higher.
Brunch offer in the Capital increased significantly over the years: gone are the days when Milan “spoke” to Brunch and Rome “could not answer”. Now more and more restaurants and bars - especially in the old town – take delight in inventing buffet meals for the occasion … more and more places are the backdrop for this time of the day … more fashions light up around the brunch … so much that now there is something for almost every taste.

And what is your Brunch? Try to find yourself in one of our ways of living Brunch…

Art Brunch - a break of extreme pleasure that enhances taste & view like a wedding between food and art.
Open Colonna at the roof of Palazzo delle Esposizioni where usually great exhibitions take place. Caffè delle Arti next to Modern Art Gallery GNAM building and a good stop also after a walking in Villa Borghese. Chiostro del Bramante in the homonymous Cloister (another exhibition venue) behind Piazza Navona. Margutta RistorArte in via Margutta a street famous for painters and art galleries, just few steps from Caravaggio paintings in Piazza del Popolo.

Fashion Brunch – desire for a chic & trendy atmosphere.
In historical downtown Salotto 42 overlooking piazza di Pietra – one of the most amazing and romantic squares in Rome – and Bar del Fico near to Piazza Navona, recently re-opened after renewal and ready getting back to be a “spotlight” for romans and tourists. People who prefer leaving touristic routes may enjoy Necci dal 1924 in the new trendy and young Pigneto district (not far from Termini Train Station) and DoppioZeroo along via Ostiense just in front of gazometro, surrounded by the ancient Pyramid of Cestius from one side (today incredibly used as a car roundabout!) and Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls (don’t miss it!) at the opposite side.

“Not only Italy” Brunch - desire for foreign and “unusual” flavors.
Sweety Rome close to Palazzo delle Esposizioni to breathe New York atmosphere and [2014 update: venue closed] The Perfect Bun in downtown or Voy (not all Sundays) in Ponte Milvio area for a break even more American. A bit of French taste at Le Pain a Table not far from Vatican and Saint Peter and Anglo-Saxon flavors at Bocca di Dama in S. Lorenzo traditional university district.

Brunch “to Read” – break between books to read and buy.
Bibli in Trastevere, one of the first places organizing brunch in Rome with a cozy small internal court and the vintage Bar a Book in San Lorenzo (call before going there since brunch is not organized all Sundays).

Open Sky Brunch – to satisfy the desire for open air, when season or weather allow it.
Cinecaffè inside Villa Borghese few steps from the wonderful Borghese Gallery and Vivi Bistrot inside another Roman green pearl Villa Pamphili. Babette in via Margutta (just in front of RistorArte) has a comfortable garden to relax after shopping hours between via Condotti, via del Babuino and griffe shops all around.

Organic & Vegetarian Brunch – to eat in the name of “green”.
Salotto 42 in piazza di Pietra, Margutta RistorArte in via Margutta and Urbana 47 next to Colosseum and Fori Imperiali ancient monuments.

All you can eat Brunch - for those who want to boost satiety.
The best in our opinion at the previously mentioned Open Colonna and Margutta RistorArte.

And now…”have your Brunch” in Rome!

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