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In Italy these are days of large discussions around pizza, following a journalist service on a popular TV show. We’d say it was showed “the dark side of the pizza”! Something similar to a rebellion followed among local food passionate and experts. In our opinion journalists aimed mainly at highlighting risks of poor quality pizza preparations, sometimes hidden also in renowned places included in many touristic guides.
Italy remains the pizza lovers heaven, this is out of discussion. And what about Rome in particular? In average pizza here cannot be evaluated at the level of Naples, but it keeps its identity thanks to unique styles and high-quality pizzerias. Note that many Romans eat pizza also 1-2 times per week and it is the most common eatery when dining with a group of friends!
Here our favorite pizzerias in Rome are listed. Let’s refresh them (old/new ones) up.

It is matter of “pizza tonda” (round pizza), different from pizza by the slice that is much popular in Rome too.
That circular disk made of pasta which oversizes its plate in relation to the pizzaiolo’s (pizzamaker) generosity. The surge of new openings of late has persuaded us once again – if we needed any – to come again on that. Sure enough, the last reconnaissance written for a popular Italian food magazine is too dated.

Icons help Rome visitors to immediately understand if pizza places are located near touristic attractions or easy to get with public transport or in more suburban areas.

Let’s start by talking about the traditional Roman pizza, famously very thin and crispy such as  1) Remo at Testaccio chased by the new entry  2) Pizzeria Ostiense, a creation of the “Remo’s kids” where their heritage is literally recognizable.  3) Emma near Campo de’ Fiori, a new pizzeria by Roscioli signature, which deserves the enrollment in the group thanks to the rising and the noteworthy quality of ingredients even if a bit pricey considering the average rates of the others.  4) Ai Marmi – Panattoni famously called by locals “the obitorio” (literally “mortuary”, because of the marble tables!) at Trastevere which had the added value of making pizzas until 2:00 am or later,  5) Li Rioni at Celio near Coliseum with the dining area, which look like being in courtyards and galleries,  6) Alle Carrette at the not far Monti area, well-known by the excellent calzone (stuffed version of the Roman pizza) in addition to picturesque dehor in a cute alley. And to conclude on the traditional Roman piazza  7) Nuovo Mondo at the foodie Testaccio area.

Secondly, there is the Roman “pinsa”, aka the elliptical version. As far as we are concerned, the best pinsa are  8 ) La Pratolina at Prati and  Antica Schiacchiata Romana at Monteverde.

Thirdly, the group of the Neapolitans but – to put it clearly – they are far from to be like the original ones.
We simply prefer to name them as “differently thin” and more than anything for the longer rising processes. Here are  9) Sforno at Tuscolana suburb (definitely worth the trip!) and the sister  Tonda at Montesacro,  10) la Gatta Mangiona at Monteverde,  11) La Pariolina at Parioli district,  12) Bir & Fud in Trastevere just refurbished,  13) Life pizzeria Bio on the Cassia road,  14) Al Grottino at San Giovanni … and, last but not least, both newish  15) Magnifica at Balduina with only delivery version in North Rome area and Prati (Tommasino and Teresina),  16) Moma pizzeria romana at Tuscolana again.

At the end, here are the “uncategorizables”:  17) Il Secchio e l’Olivaro which has two branches on Via del Porto Fluviale and on via Portuense nearby the GRA (ring road) and the pizza is wonderfully thick and  18 ) La Fucina, apart from the slow rising processes the thickness of the focacces, is famous for the sophisticated and high-end match of ingredients and condiments as well as being a real “jewel”, both taste and price… #youmustknowthis!


in Historical Center or within a walking distance (e.g. Trastevere or Termini train station areas)


not difficult to get with public transportation (e.g. Vatican or Testaccio areas)


for more adventurous eaters, requiring a car/taxi ride or a longer trip by bus/metro


Italian version

Many thanks to Antonia “Interviste dal Mondo” for the support in writing the English version!

Images: Tavole Romane

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