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We have been following Kathy Ayers’ blog Food Lover’s Odyssey since a long time. So, it was a pleasure and an honor for us to be asked to be interviewed in the context of her “Eating Italy” series, a set of interviews to discover food culture around Italy thanks to insights and recommendations by local foodies. “A virtual food-lover’s trip to a specific spot around the boot”.
And we talked about Rome, of course…

Thank you Kathy for this opportunity and for your very kind words!

Just an excerpt below to whet our readers’ appetite:

“Like their tours, in this interview they’ve gone over the top with their efforts and enthusiasm and blown away all my expectations. This is not just an interview, but also a most-comprehensive guide to eating in Rome. Whether it’s fine dining, streetfood, gelato or food festivals and on any budget and time constraint, they’ve covered it….”

Kathy’s interview questions were really engaging and we greatly enjoyed the “virtual” conversation:

1) What made you start Tavole Romane, first the blog and then the food tours?

2) What is distinctive and/or special about Roman cooking, especially in relation to the other regions in Italy?

 3) What tips do you have for those visiting Rome so that they can fully experience and enjoy the food in Rome?

4) What 5 dishes, desserts, and/or wines should every visitor to Rome be sure not to miss?

5) What are the lastest food trends in Rome that you’re really enjoying?

6) What 7 eateries in Rome are you loving right now?

7) You might agree with me, but in my opinion, Rome is one of the best cities for really good and good quality gelato, as long as you know where to go. What are your favorite spots for gelato in Rome?

8 ) Which food and wine festivals in and around Rome would you recommend?

9) What would your ideal “best ever” food lover’s day in Rome look like?

If you are looking for insights and information about Rome food or you are simply curious about us read our answers on Food Lover’s Odyssey.

We had also the pleasure to meet Kathy in person, during one of our food tours and we were impressed by her energy, curiosity and experience around food. She is an American chef, so passionate about food and travel!

Kathy blogs mostly about Italy and Provence and she organizes Food Lover’s Culinary Tours in Puglia. We too love this region in Southern Italy and often go there during our holidays. In our opinion this tour represents an excellent way to explore it and be part of its culture.
Next tour option in 2014 is October 5 to 13, or you may ask for private group tours if you are a group of 4 or more.

Grazie Kathy, good luck with all your projects! We look forward to meeting you again next time are in Rome.

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