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Quality street food in Italy is becoming more and more popular in the last years.
It overflows nowadays everywhere among foodies (of course), food-bloggers and (naturally) entrepreneurs who sees huge opportunities on it.
And Rome offers some of the best options and arguably the greatest variety in the country.

We are not talking about “average” bars or trucks you often see in Rome near the most touristic attractions selling sandwiches, gelato and snacks. “Gourmet” high-quality food trucks finally are becoming a reality in Rome too, but this post is not focused on this and we will have time to write more about this trend.

Here we present the results of a web-contest we recently did in our Italian blog, to identify most loved savory street food among all spots available in Rome.
An “explosive” Top9 which combine socially the “old fashion” and the “cutting-edge”, the consolidated and the gamble.
At the post bottom a link to access a complete list of Top20 addresses is provided.

In this kind of contests the social presence is fundamental of course. We already experienced it with the previous contests about Roman pastas, supplì and brunch.

And social speaking in the most complete and innovative term, the giants of the Roman street food are in the rank with the new generations who however want to preserve, each one in their own way, the high values of quality and tradition keeping a budget price.

Astonishingly, as you see very soon, the new generations are at the top.
To be social oriented rewards. And not only for the score reached in this playful survey but for the devotion – good for them – of fans.

Hence the street food in Rome is not only the pizza by Bonci or Roscioli, who are “must”, or the big name – such as Volpetti or Eataly – and the guides to draw the attention by definition.
Therefore we do not amaze if the top one is who perhaps weds the imagine of tradition and the desire of innovation…

Now is the time to disclose the ranking following around 1000 votes collected.

1. GOURMET PANINI (SANDWICHES) @ Romeo Chef&Baker and Ape Romeo


 Romeo Chef&Baker (shop): via Silla 26 (map), Metro stop Ottaviano
Ape Romeo (foodtruck): facebook page 

2. TIGELLE @ Ape “bruna” (dark brown) of Mozao


Mozao (foodtruck): facebook page



 FREEtto: via Silvio Spaventa 20 (map), Metro stop Repubblica

4. TRAPIZZINO @ Testaccio or Ponte Milvio


Trapizzino Testaccio: via Giovanni Branca 88  (Testaccio area)
Trapizzino Ponte Milvio: piazzale di Ponte Milvio 13 (north Rome)

5. PIZZA BY THE SLICE @ Bonci’s Pizzarium or Panificio


Pizzarium:  via della Meloria 43 (map), Metro stop Cipro/Vatican Museums
Panificio Bonci: via Trionfale 36 (map), Metro Ottaviano

6. PIZZA BY THE SLICE @ Roscioli Bakery


 Antico Forno Roscioli: via dei Chiavari 34 (map), Historical Center near Campo de’ Fiori



Spasso Food: via Appia Nuova 131 (map), Metro stop Re di Roma




 Dar filettaro a Santa Barbara: largo dei Librari 88 (map), Historical Center near Campo de’ Fiori 

9. PANINI WITH ROMAN STUFFED @ Mordi e Vai (Testaccio Market)


Mordi e Vai: inside Testaccio Market (map), via A. Volta – via B. Franklin 12E – Box n. 15 (Testaccio area)

Among the proposals arrived not in the initial list of the contest, worth a mention Gusto Più for the “sliced” pizza in Montesacro neighborhood.

All things considered, from the number  of votes received there is no doubt what’s over: the favorite one is stuffed food no matter if is pizza, panino, tigella, piadina or so on. They have to tag along fried food (such as the fried present by news Supplizio, mentioned in our #mammaroma number 2 post). And who knows why even if we were available to bet on their better position.
Wish of healthy habit maybe?!

What to say in conclusion? We have had great fun. Congratulations to the Top ones and special thanks to all that have contributed to the contest diffusion…and all of them that have wanted to give their opinion!

Moreover, as usual as conclusion of the contest, you can download our useful pocket pdf Top Street food in Rome (savory)where you find the best 20 addresses we gathered.

Many thanks to Antonia intervistedalmondo for the help with the English translation!

Italian version

Images: venues web sites and facebook pages, foodspotting, Aromicreativi agency (Roscioli), Tavole Romane

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  1. 5-9-2014

    Thanks for the PDF. It is in my “Take to Rome” file. However, there are three or four words (foods I think) I can’t find in either of my Italian dictionaries.
    If possible can you enligten me or tell me where else to look? I would appreciate it.
    The words:pinsa, mortazza, tigella, tapizzino

    • 5-10-2014

      Hi Joan, thank you!
      Here some explanations of the words that is impossible to translate literally.

      - Pinsa: a kind of pizza oval shaped made with several flours.

      - Mortazza: Roman slang for “mortadella”, the cold cut made of finely hashed or ground, heat-cured pork sausage, which incorporates small cubes of pork fat. It is flavoured with spices, including black pepper and pistachios. Probably you know it.

      - Tigella: a small round flat bread from Emilia-Romagna area. It may be stuffed with various cheeses, cold cuts and vegetables or nutella/jams in the sweet version.

      - Trapizzino: this is a trade mark for the creations by Stefano Callegari pizza maker. It mixes the words “tramezzino” (the triangular savory sandwich you can find in almost all Roman bars) and “pizza”. Basically a trapizzino consists of a small triangular pizza with plain base stuffed with Roman preparations cooked separately (meatballs, coda, chicken alla cacciatora, etc.). If you google trapizzino there are many images telling more than many words ;-)

  2. 5-10-2014

    Thanks so much! I probably should have guessed mortadella since it is one of my favorite Italian foods! They all sound good, and I have added them to my file.

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