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From time to time, the only thing I really need is the silence.

Just my own peace of mind.

Escaping from the meaningless and uninteresting talk “blah, blah, blah” (“The Great Beauty”) around us.

That shapeless noise, composed by constant and indistinctive voices, which is able to go through your mind making feel you confused.

From time to time, strolling along Campo dei Fiori, I felt this violent sensation of my suffering towards the rabble which represses its beauty.

I must say, the solution is to get out of there.

It is an exit strategy.

It is to find a more suitable place for me.

I generally get the same picture and head towards via dei Giubbonari.

Via dei Giubbonari is actually the edge between two different sides of Rome.

Admittedly, the first one is rather chaotic and touristy enough whereas the other one (the ancient Jewish Ghetto) is decidedly a more niche place.

Here, I can find that silence that sometimes I need.

Via dei Giubbonari is a narrow street, entirely framed by ancient, noble and high courts and tiny colourful shops.

You can truly find every kind of things on it, such as budget or pricey clothes, food and interior design or vintage furniture.

Often I can come across some inspiring quotations.

 Happiness is only real when shared”.

That’s so true!

If you wish to unwind yourself, have a look at “Tiger”, where you can discover:

  • useful stuff
  • amazing items but literally useless (of course my favourite ones)
  • food with imaginative packaging

Every time I am at Tiger I think how useless things are important in our everyday life.

How could I have lived so far without these colourful heart-shaped stones.

I firmly believe that considering poetry pointless items is a great secret for a more happy life,

don’t you?

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best moment in which allows yourself a food vice is around 11 am.

When brekkie experience is over and you are going to have a pre-lunch. Roman citizens love to call it “the second breakfast”.

So, if you are on via dei Giubbonari at this time, I vividly recommend to head Via dei Chiavari.

When you go there, suddenly the yummy smell will provide you with the right motive to be here.

It is the Antico Forno Roscioli.

I can define it as  a “curative” site.

Here, as the ancient traditional Roman cuisine wants, the “pizza alla pala” is so crispy but finely soft at the same time, perfectly greasy and well-cooked.

Let me suggest to you to try out the “red” type (tomato, oil, origan) –without mozzarella cheese – my favourite one.

You can feel like spring time when you take a bite of this amazing “creature”.

Nevertheless Roscioli is a well-provided bakery where you can find wine doughnuts, cake and all kind of bread (olive, onion, rosemary, …) as well. And as well as, during lunch time  you could come across lasagne, gnocchi and so on.

Have you ever noticed the effect of the outstanding food on the people mood?

I am firmly sure that carbohydrate are one of the sources of happiness.

And that is probably why Italians are, most of the time,  extremely ironic and happy although (nowadays) the universe seems to conspire against ourselves. Economically speaking, I mean! :)

In Italy it is not socially acceptable to end a meal without a slice of cake or anything.

Nearby Roscioli, there is the patisserie “De Bellis” and if it is located at Piazza del Paradiso (Paradise Place), I swear, there is a good reason!

Those sweet masterpieces seem to say to you “Babe, here we are, what are you waiting for? Try me out”!

And you would give up resisting them…

Here, between the crossing of these two streets, you could spend an entire day, simply hopping in/out from the tiny shops and artisans workshops which are still miraculously alive to the massive growth of international chains.

Their little shop windows often make your needs bigger and bigger than you have in reality, for instance, to buy and wear a Venitian porcelain mask.

This is the magical Rome.

Marvelously gorgeous, true and terribly illogical.


Where to eat and drink in the area

Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara (deep fried salt cod fillet to eat there or take-away) largo dei Librari 88
Antico Forno Roscioli (bakery) via dei Chiavari 34
Roscioli Restaurant/Wine Bar (lunch, dinner, aperitivo) via dei Giubbonari 21/22
Il Sanlorenzo (high-end restaurant specialized in seafood, lunch, dinner) via dei Chiavari 4/5
I dolci di Nonna Vincenza (Sicilian pastry shop) via Arco del Monte 98A
Gelateria del Teatro (gelato) Lungotevere dei Vallati 25 or via dei Coronari corner vicolo San Simone
Bocca di Dama (bakery) via Arenula 17
Renato e Luisa (restaurant, lunch, dinner) via dei Barbieri 25
Carapina (gelato) via dei Chiavari – Next opening!

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