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This post inaugurates a series of contents written by Antonia intervistedalmondo (“People, Mood and Life Style Around The World”) that will be published from time to time in the blog. With the aim of providing an authenthic and personal view of our city culture, as a “storyteller” would do wandering streets, spots, attractions, meeting people…and of course tasting amazing food! #mammaroma the name we have chosen. 
Why this collaboration with intervistedalmondo? Because Antonia’s “pen” is intense, as intense is the passion she has for Rome (and its culinary tradition among other things). Just back in the city after a gap year in Australia and traveling in many other countries around the word, Antonia is tasting even more than before Rome flavors and mood.
Welcome Antonia and thank you for sharing your insights with us!

It’s winter time.
An absolutely frozen day which forces you to protect your hands and where the moist wind literally sticks you.
The sky  is insomuch intense blue colour as it seems to call your attention.
Roma is there and stops in front of you. Just for you.
It is not always easy to recognise the great artistic perfection, even if it is evident.
I believe it is a matter of donation.

If you have the fortunate opportunity to wander alone in a winter morning  and  while you are staring at the fountains of  “Piazza Navona”, you might admire the white marble veins that intersect each other. 

Suddenly, you come up with the idea that it is not simply just “beauty”.

There is poetry in front of you.

There is history which declares it self.

And you had better escape, if you do not want to be paralyzed by unreachable turbulence of that pure and chiseled gestures.

Sometime it is not mandatory looking for something special. Because it is just following the flow that things are allowed to happen.
That’s probabily why I accidentally found again myself in my childhood in a dolls boutique (“Al Sogno”, Piazza Navona).

If you are walking in the historical city centre of Rome, it can happen quickly and unexpectedly the palaces that, previously were on your both sides, now they begin to wrap you up.
The instinct drives you watching up.
You have to tiptoe while you chase the centennial plants that hug the buildings, the grand windows adorned from fancy lanterns.
At this moment, the sunrise come back lighting the narrow street in which you are going ahead.

Suddenly, you stand at
“Via dei Coronari”.

It is weird as a street of 500 metres is able to wonder you leaving “open mouth”.
Via dei Coronari was created as one of roads to connect Rome with Saint Peter Church.
Via dei Coronari is “colours”.
It collects interior design and vintage boutiques. Decidedly perfect in a area plenty of artists.  

But from time to time, colours can become delicious to eat. Like in the Made Creative Bakery shop…

…or in the cute bistrot “Casa e Bottega”.

And, more than anything, “Via dei Coronari” is the alley of  San Simone.
The tidy tables in art nouveau style seem to be waiting there for a while.

The atmosphere of this alley is unique.
Above all, it welcomes you with an unmistakable smell of pizza taken out of the oven in addition with a yummy essence of vanilla.
It is truly impossibile to resist these fragrances even you never tried them.

There is sweet and savoury. All together. And touchable.
There is the real Italia essence and its traditions.
There’s something to suit everybody’s fancy!
(“La pizza del Teatro”, “Gelateria del Treatro”)

“What is the secret of making such an oustanding pizza? – I asked to my interlocutor with a marked Sardinian accent, waiting for my  succulent pizza “ai pomodorini”.

He said: “Our  ingredients are organic and genuine. But what is really important it’s the method of preparation. You know, we have had a great mentor, mister Bonci!” (probably the most famous pizza maker in Italy).

I know it’s winter time, but we are “Italians”. And trust us, pizza followed by a delicious ice-cream it’s a perfect combination.
So please try to taste your favourite flavor in the “Gelateria del Teatro” shop, that it is located just few meters from the pizza shop.
Nice and easy. Don’t you think?
I’m quite sure that eating pizza and ice-cream makes people happy!!

You could walk hours among these meandering alleys and track down once again something to wander.
As it happened with the beatifull vase-holder bycicle opening the post!

Then suddenly while you are stolling for a while, chasing folks, eccences and your intuition, you end up being yourself in a tiny square.
Looking at the sky and see that  something is changed.
You get the “Chiostro del Bramante”.

And  you also understand that a new story starts.
Are you ready to listen to?
Stay tuned…


Where to eat in the area

Caffè del Chiostro del Bramante (brunch, tea, aperitivo) via dell’Arco della Pace 5
Casa & Bottega (breakfast, lunch, aperitivo) via dei Coronari 221
Coromandel (breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner) via di Monte Giordano, 60
La Gelateria del Teatro (gelato) via dei Coronari angolo vicolo San Simone
Made Creative Bakery (contemporary bakery) via dei Coronari 25
Pasticceria Cinque Lune (traditional bakery) corso del Rinascimento 89
La Pizza del Teatro by Bonci (pizza by the slice) vicolo San Simone

Italian version

Images: intervistedalmondo

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  1. 2-10-2014

    A very enjoyable read and also very poetic!! It brought back good memories of my favorite city. While I have not had pizza at the Teatro shop, I have been to the gelato shop and remember many very unusual flavors. Can’t remember which ones I tried, but I do know they were really good.
    Thank you!

    • 2-10-2014

      Hello Joan,
      thank you so much!!
      Well, I generally love every kind of flavors… But for your next time in Rome, I advise you to taste the pistachio ice cream! It’s my favorite one…
      We will wait for you!!

  2. 2-10-2014

    Fist of all, congratulations Antonia for this new collaboration! Well done girl!

    Second, even in English, your style is unique! I love it! Keep going with the tips as I will be in Rome next month and I want to find all the hidden gems! :)


  3. 2-10-2014

    I’ll do my best Sabrina!!
    Check out this website or the italian one ** to find some enjoyable restaurant for your staying in rome
    see you soon in London :D

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