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Update 2015/2016 available in our Italian Blog

Christmas Season is coming and we can’t miss to post our traditional dining recommendations for the public holidays, when it is more difficult to find options for a good meal both for visitors and residents. Below our selection with prices and links to special menus many of them are offering for the festivities. Restaurants are grouped depending on their location.
The post is published early enough to allow reservation at the restaurant of your choice. Better to contact the venues as soon as you have decided and check their actual opening too. We have done our best to provide reliable information but changes are always possible, especially during this period.
Please follow us also on twitter as well as facebook for last-minute updates which we will try to show here as well!


All’Oro near Piazza del Popolo (map). Creative cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
Located in the elegant the First Luxury Art Hotel where chef Riccardo Di Giacinto is always leading the way, making a Michelin star keep shining in the restaurant. Tables are located at the basement but do not miss the breathtaking view from the roof! Open both on Christmas (Eve and Lunch) and on New Year’s Eve (dinner) with special menus where as usual tradition, creativity, earth and sea meet. Menus in English are available at the links. Prices: Christmas Eve Dinner 150€, Christmas Lunch 130€, New Year’s Eve 380€ (drinks not included).

Antico Arco at the Gianicolo hill (map). Traditional with a twist, fine dining.
Over time it stays as a reference in town, with preparations created by the young Albanian chef Fundim Gjepali that never let you down and with its location, within walking distance from one of the breathtaking “natural rooftops” in Rome. Open on New Year’s Eve: an 8-dish sophisticated menu based on earth and sea products. You can find at this link pictures and menu dishes. Prices: New Year’s Eve 220€ (including champagne with a takeaway flûte to celebrate at midnight on the Gianicolo, and the traditional cotechino with lentils after midnight).

L’Asino d’oro in Monti (map). Traditional with a twist, average-economic price.
Time goes by, but still this place stands as a secluded place where you can spend a lovely evening! To keep you company, the expert cuisine by Lucio Sforza, the warm service and the atmosphere at the same time simple and informal. Open on New Year’s Eve (here the menu in Italian). Price: 90€ including wine-pairing.


Flavio al Velavevodetto in Testaccio and in Prati @ Quiriti (maps). Roman Trattoria (cheap eat).
A well-known reference for Roman Cuisine, open on Christmas day, St. Stephen’s day (lunch and dinner), the 31st of December and New Year’s day (lunch) with a shorter “à la carte” menu where you will find anyhow some seasonal dishes. Location in Testaccio is definitely more evocative. Price: à-la-carte (35€ in average plus drinks).

Glass Hostaria in Trastevere (map). Creative cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
One of our most beloved food-corners, by Cristina Bowerman & Fabio Spada. While the first one puts in creativity and energy with a genial touch, the second one provides experience and savoir faire. Result of this mix: evenings which stay impressed in your mind for a long time. Open on New Year’s Eve (here the menu) and 1st of January for dinner. Price: New Year’s Eve dinner 210€ (including aperitif and midnight champagne together with cotechino and lentils).

Pipero al Rex in the Termini Train Station area (map). Creative cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
Alessandro Pipero
and the chef Luciano Monosilio are receiving well-deserved celebrations. The mix of ingredients making up a dish always surprise – right away when you read the name on the menu – and these occasions are no exception. Its Carbonara is a must! Open on Christmas (Eve, lunch and dinner) as well as on New Year’s Eve and 1st of January at lunch time. Menus are available at the links. Price: Christmas Eve 180€, Christmas Day Lunch 180€, Christmas dinner à-la-carte, New Year’s Eve 250€ (include champagne-based aperitif and midnight cin cin). Drinks to be added to all menus.

La Terrazza dell’Eden in Veneto-Pinciano area. Traditional and contemporary cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
An exclusive venue located at the roof of the Hotel Eden, Dorchester Collection. Chef Fabio Ciervo preparations can be tasted on Christmas (Eve and lunch) as well as on New Year’s Eve. We can only guess the amazing view on the Rome Capodanno from the windows and terrace. They organize also a NYE dinner at the ground floor restaurant (Il Giardino). Menu in English at the links. Prices: Christmas Eve 200€, Christmas lunch 160€, New Year’s Eve 800€ (wine-pairing included) and 500€ at “Il Giardino”.

Vino e Camino in the Historical Center near via Giulia / Corso Vittorio (map). Traditional cuisine, average price.
Are you up to spend a few hours in an atmosphere which takes you back to family traditions and to preparations which will surely make you feel cozy and warm? Well, this is the place! Open on New Year’s Eve (menu in English at the link). Price: 95€ (drinks not included).



Acquolina Hostaria in North Rome (map). Creative cuisine (seafood), 1 Michelin star.
It worth a taxi ride (15-25 minutes) to taste chef Giulio Terrinoni creations. Open for New Year’s Eve with a seafood menu (here in Italian). Price: 185€, drinks to be added (full wine-pairing 75€).


Da Cesare al Casaletto in Monteverde (map). Roman Trattoria (cheap eat).
One of the places where we head for experiencing an authentic Roman cuisine fully loyal to the tradition. It is becoming more and more known by Rome visitors too. Open on Christmas and on New Year’s Day (Lunch) with an “à la carte” menu (even though choice is slightly more limited as compared to the usual abundance). Please, if showing in the menu, do not miss eggplant croquettes, tail croquettes, carbonara/gricia and gnocchi! Price: à-la-carte (35€ in average plus drinks).

Fernanda near Porta Portese (map). Roman contemporary Trattoria, average-economic price.
About 20 minutes walking distance from Trastevere heart and well connected with the 8 tram. The young rewarded Chef Davide Del Duca is able to range from one of the best amatriciana pasta in Rome to more creative dishes, mainly based on local ingredients. Open on Capodanno. Price: 90€ (not including drinks).


Giuda Ballerino in the Tuscolana area (map). Creative cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
Forget downtown with its historical solemn tone, and get into the metropolitan folklore, a few blocks away from Cinecittà. This is the place where – surrounded by comics and modern notes – the Giuda Ballerino (“Judas the Dancer” from a Dylan Dog comic sentence) lives according to his two “souls”: restaurant and hostaria, under the guide of the chef Andrea Fusco. Open on Christmas (Eve and lunch) and on New Year’s Eve: for these occasions the two souls merge into one. Here you can find the menus in Italian. Prices: Christmas Eve and Lunch 70€, New Year’s Eve 120€ (both not including drinks).

Marzapane Roma near Porta Pia (map). Creative cuisine, average price.
It was last year revelation in our opinion and not only since it has been widely awarded and acclaimed. Only the Michelin star is missing! Out of the ordinary food creations made by the young talented chef Alba Esteve Ruiz and an impeccable service that envelops everything. In a cozy place recently renovated. Open on Christmas (Eve and lunch) and New Year’s Eve with special menus available in English too at the links. Prices: Christmas 70€, New Year’s Eve 135€ (including Roscioli panettone cake, drinks to be added).


Metamorfosi in the Parioli area (map). Creative cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
You will be in the capable hands of the chef Roy Caceres and of the sous chef John @caputmundicibus, not to mention the entire friendly staff, and will linger on a mix of innovation and tradition which – we bet – will gratify your senses. Open on New Year’s Eve with a catchy menu (here in English). Open for dinner on the 26th of December and 1st of January too. Price: New Year’s Eve 250€ (aperitif included, other drinks to be added).


L’Osteria di Monteverde right in the heart of the quarter it is named after (map). Roman trattoria with a twist, average-economic price.
One of the best quality/price ratios in town which will make you feel at home thanks to a cheerful service and the nice informal atmosphere. A cuisine deeply rooted in the region which often dares – and with amazing results – shuffle the cards and get creative. Open on New Year’s Eve (menu in Italian published on their facebook group). Price: 65€ (drinks to be added).


La Pergola in Montemario area (map). Mediterranean cuisine, 3 Michelin stars.
The most awarded restaurant and Chef in Rome do not need any presentations from us. Open on Christmas Eve and dinner as well as on New Year’s Eve. A pdf (link) describes all menus and their program of events to enjoy festivities. Only a recommendation: book as soon as possible if you aim at celebrating 2015 enjoying Heinz Beck cuisine and a breathtaking view of Rome. Prices: Christmas Eve 430€, Christmas dinner 410€, New Year’s Eve 1.200€ (during the evening champagne, live music and midnight fireworks). All prices include wines.

Romeo Chef&Baker in Prati area (map). Traditional and creative cuisine, average price.
A great success by the two couples “Bowerman/Spada” and “Roscioli brothers”. A very flexible offer ranging from a huge selection of cheeses and cold cuts or gourmet sandwiches to traditional and innovative dishes. Open on New Year’s Eve with a special menu mixing tradition and innovation (here available in English). Price: 100€ including aperitif and midnight champagne.


Stazione di Posta in Testaccio. Creative Cuisine, 1 Michelin star.
A new star in Rome for the young talented chef Marco Martini. Devoted to innovation beginning from traditions, many of his dishes are impressing. Not formal ambience, in a green area near the old Testaccio “mattatoio” (slaughterhouse). Open on Christmas (eve and lunch), the 26th of December and on New Year’s Eve. (Eve and lunch). Menu in Italian at the links. Prices: Christmas Eve 150€, Christmas lunch and the 26th 40€, NYE 240€ (only the last including matching wines).

Note that this year we run a special Christmas version of our Food Tours. You may want to check scheduled dates and join our expert local Foodies for a memorable Rome experience. Enjoy Christmas Season in Rome, Auguri!

Click here for the Italian version

Images: La Repubblica (Christmas 2014 lights in Rome), restaurants web sites and facebook pages, ziofrankie, Tavole Romane – All Rights Reserved

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  1. 12-14-2012

    Da Cesare al Casaletto in Monteverde full of Roman cuisine pure traditional. Well i like it allot.It depicts the real culture of roman.

  2. 11-25-2013

    We are working to the 2014 update, stay tuned…

  3. 12-6-2013

    Post updated with our restaurants selection for the coming holidays. Some menus are published in preview and all currently available price information are provided too.

  4. 12-13-2014

    Post updated for Christmas and NYE 2014/2015. Hope it helps.

  5. 12-13-2014

    Almost christmas… And we are still looking for a nice restaurant.

    Prefer not a very expensive Michellin star, but more a special, good food, nice ambiance and italian style restaurant.

    Anybody any suggestions?

    Many thanks for your advice.

    • 12-13-2014

      Hello Vera! You may find in the post not only Michelin restaurants such as Antico Arco, Marzapane, L’Asino d’Oro or trattorias.. Hope it helps!

  6. 12-16-2014

    Hello! This list is fantastic, Thank you! It’s been so difficult to get information for NYE dinner. The truth is that we do want an excellent meal, but we also would like to finish by maybe 11pm so that we can take to the streets and be with the crowds in the Piazza dei Popolo or at the Colisium to be amid the revelry. I don’t want to be stuck in a too fancy restaurant, and I don’t care about keeping a complimentary flute. I’m having a hard time communicating this to our concierge. Do you understand what i’m looking for? Can you recommend a few restaurants? I can pay 380 euros per person, I just don’t see the point!
    Thank you so much for your kind help and for offering your expertise!
    Yours, Kathy Stanton, Park City, Utah, USA

    • 12-17-2014

      Hello Kathy, thank you! We began to write this list years ago frustrated by the fact that really few restaurants posted information about Christmas/NYE openings and menus and the same food blogs/web sites!
      Now it’s a bit easier, but in Rome not as much as you would expect considering internet and social presence importance nowadays.

      We understand what you are looking for and your disappointment for the concierge approach. Probably he/she is only trying to convince you for one of the restaurants that give a commission to the hotel…
      We know many professional and excellent concierges, but unfortunately not all behave in this way.

      Since this year the free NYE music concert will be at “Circo Massimo” for dinner it would be better to choose a restaurant within a walking distance. Public transportation is critic that night!

      Within our list there are Stazione di Posta or L’Asino d’Oro (if you like, no problem to check at what time they plan to end NYE dinner) or you may choose a Roman trattoria in Testaccio such as Flavio mentioned in the post, but in the same area there are other good ones too. You would spend much less than 380€, experiencing a true Roman night! Since trattorias typically do not offer special NYE menus for sure you will be able to end the dinner around 11pm.

      A final recommendation: wherever you plan to dine for NYE better to book as soon as possible since some restaurants are already fully booked!

  7. 12-16-2014

    In central Rome Mirabelle Restaurant (the rooftop restaurant of Hotel Splendide Royal)should not be missed! A very classy and unique atmosphere, excellent and refined food, amazing view all over the center of the eternal city and superb service for a MUST SEE in Rome. Mirabelle features menus for the next festivities that you can find visiting the menu section of the website.
    Moreover, Crystal Lounge is the brand new ballroom of Hotel SPlendide Royal. For New Year’s Eve it boasts a great programme starting from a mouthwatering dinner. You can also check it on the menus section of

  8. 12-22-2014

    We are a family who will be in Rome for our daughter’s wedding and looking for something for NY’s Eve. We would love to have dinner and dancing after. We have 5 young adults and a 13 yr old. Would love to have a great meal (not too expensive), plus dancing that could include all of us – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • 12-28-2014

      Hello Lisa!
      We have thought to some options for your family but unfortunately we don’t have any direct experience of venues fitting your request. We tried also to ask on twitter but haven’t got any helpful reply. Maybe you can look what not too expensive hotels offer.
      Enjoy Rome and best wishes for your doughter’s wedding!


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